Good Health to 2012

Hi all! Gong Hay Fat Choi! Which means May Prosperity Be With You in Chinese. Well, today Chinese all over the world celebrated their New Year. I am not a Chinese but back in the Philippines we also observe this Chinese tradition. It may not be all Filipino community celebrating the Chinese New Year but I would say there are quiet a few who respect this traditions especially the tsinoy (half Chinese and Pinoy). Anyway, some of us are probably making a new year’s resolution and one of it is lose weight or start a healthy lifestyle. Well, my husband did not clearly say that he will stick to his diet as his new year’s resolution. It started couple of years ago when he underwent herniated disc surgery and experiencing difficulty in going to the bathroom. His colleague whom he respect so much advised him to eat well and eat broccoli, strawberry and other vegetable and fruits as it will help him in his bowel movements. From then on, he has been so good in eating broccoli everyday and strawberry. He feels great whenever he eats these kind of stuffs. He did great with his health in 2011, and I am sure he will continue to do better health wise in 2012.

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