Shekalika Fashion by J&J

This is an exception to my fashion post. Shekalika fashion is originally created by Jake and Justine. They put their arm out of the sleeves in their shirt and called it shekalika.

Shekalika is the name they invented for that style of shirt

It was funny though and I can’t figured out where they get that name. One time Justine tryig to put her arm off the seeves but she was having difficulty doing so, so she asked to do the shekalika. I thought it’s really funny. Until now they’ve been doing this thing.

Disclaimer: Don’t take the post above seriously as there is no such name in fashion world. The name is just part of the gibberish word my kinds made up.

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  1. hhahaha…makamuot ko aning shekalika da…ehhehe…little version ni shakirah…ehehehe! so cute….muot ko ug basa aning imong disclaimer bayot! mau naman kau mo imbento ning duha sa…:)

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