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I’ve been inactive with Girls Talk this past months. I tried to catch up with all the memes and of course managing my time but it looks like the time had managed me instead. Am spending most of my time online but not so productive with my blogging and stuffs. Meaning I’ve been doing tons of lully gagging and talking on Facebook and that I neglected some of my blogs.

Something Old is the topic right now at GT hosted by Kaye. Just recently my uncle created a new group at Facebook. I volunteered to create the website. This group is growing so fast and all we talked about was our experiences from the past. Reminiscing the good ol’ days. Thus, this group is intended to reconnect with our old neighbors, friends, and childhood friend and our birthplace Camp 14 in general.

I enjoyed chatting and exchanging comments with these people and reconnecting with my old friends and neighbors. I discovered that some of theme have already migrated here in the US and other parts of the world. Thinking that most of us who came from this place has successful life and career. It’s truly a pride of Camp 14. What we have in common are, we all came in Camp 14, born and raise and we all product of Pineapple as the main source of income in that small town.

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