Sturdy and Safer

A step stool is most commonly used in hospital or pharmacy to step on when reaching stuffs like medicine, files and alike. Not only hospitals and other offices uses step stool. Most households have their own step stool. We have two step stool with no handrail and still look sturdy to me but it’s not as safe compared to a step stool handrail. It looks safe and secure when climbing. We actually have that old kind step ladder which I won’t like using too often because the ladder was thin and not so safe to stepped on. So, when we moved in my husband bought a new step stool with flat and rubbery surface. It doesn’t have a handrail but it’s safe and secure to use.

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  1. naa step stool si Akesh…sa bathroom…lol! mau pa dire da kay busy sa opps…ako wapa nasugdan…libog ko unsa unahon…blog hop lang sako kalingaw…ehehhe!

    enjoy your weekend bayot…:) salamat tawon sa dalaw…dire rame sa thanksgiving tsang…mag ihaw ko ug turkey….hehehe…bitaw, ako BIL ug iya mga anak amo bisita…d na sila mag host ug thanksgiving dinner kay broken family na daw sila….so sad thinking about their nasty divorce…ang asawa demand ug 3500/mo sustento…waaaaa!…na niwang nuon ako BIL…ingon sya he lose 25 pounds…kay na kunsimisyon lagi…mayra sad dire sila mag celebrate kay palayo sa iya ex…hehehhe!

    hala sige, haybol sako kay taas pa ako misyones…lol!

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