Confuse Job Seeker

A graduate of four year bachelor degree. Had 7 years experienced in her related profession and almost 2 year experienced in other part time job back in her home country. But seems like it’s confusing to find a real job in other country after more than 4 years of being jobless. If only my degree was related to medical I could have apply for this Medical Records Assistant Jobs that I read online. It’s true, I am confuse about the kind of job I want to apply. There are some establishments that close to our house and it’s a walking distance only but they’re not hiring. My online hobby pays a little amount of cash but I still need a regular job. Husband and I found out that the close nearby our house is accepting pre-K agaes 3 and above, and we want send both our kids maybe next year. I don’t want to stay home doing nothing but blogging. They have 6 hours class and I wish I could find a job that allows me to work part time. The question is, what kind of job would that be?

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