Palladium Wedding Bands for Him

There are a lot of times a need for a new wedding band. If you have developed an allergy to nickel your old 14 karat ring will be good for melting down and not much else. If you can’t wear your ring you need to find an alternative so that your wife won’t get too upset. The best part to start is by looking into palladium wedding bands. They are 95 percent pure and they don’t contain any nickel. This is usually the best option for replacing a white gold ring.

There are a few other options but this seems like the best one. Unlike white gold a palladium ring will never fade back to yellow. Palladium is naturally white. It is actually closest in make up to platinum. The biggest difference is the weight and the price. Platinum is almost twice the weight and more than twice the price per ounce. Ouch. You get the same exact looking ring for a fraction of the cost by choosing a palladium ring. There is a new alternative metal out there called cobalt chrome. Cobalt chrome rings are going to look much like platinum or palladium but will be even less expensive, especially if you are buying a wide ring. The wider the ring the more materials so it just makes since that an alternative metal would be less expensive.

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