Match Up your Halloween Costume with Spooky Makeup

Have you decided yet what are going to be like this Halloween? Well, if not here’s some simple idea. You can be like one of Lady Gaga’s look, or go with the traditional scary and spooky ghost, vampire, zombie, or walking dead. Put some Halloween makeup on to complete the whole scary transformation. Other uses paint but if you have makeup you have more color palette to choose from to match up with the costume.  There is actually a cheap Halloween makeup that you can buy online for as low as $2.85.  This is perfect for adult during masquerade if they want to disguise.  In that way you don’t have to spend big amount of money just for Halloween.

Professional Makeup Kit

Speaking of makeup, I bought this professional makeup kit couple of years ago. I was planning to use this to my daughter last year’s Halloween but since she was still too young for it and besides she was wearing a Princess costume. If only I have a neighbor that need makeup, I would love to give this one. However, I am not so sure if there’s an expiration date with makeup. This makeup color palette may give a different result compared to a real Halloween makeup.

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