Halloween Costume Ideas | Celebrity Inspired

Well, I was curious of what some of Hollywood celebrity’s costume gonna be this year and this image appeared on the search. Read articles. These celebrities make a good Halloween costume ideas. It’s too late when I found this photo and don’t have time to copy it, just kidding. I don’t really wear any costume on Halloween. :no: šŸ˜€ Of course it’s gonna be a secret what this celebrity going to be look like on Halloween. I can’t wait to see their costume and their little ones too. They sure can pull out the best or worst Halloween costume for this year 2011. Like Kim Kardashian as wonder woman

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  1. gusto unta ko aning costume ni KK…kaso wala man ko boobs…wahhehehe..lawlaw kung mao ni ako costume…ehehhe…joke lang bayot…lili ko kadali..trying to finish my pu2 opps…sige luha ako mata sa sip-on..wahehhee…sensya na!

  2. I can say that this is very interesting to see and I had fun watching over this stuff. Halloween is really fantastic. Really Lady gaga costume rocksā€¦Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Kim just gave justice for being a Wonder woman, she really looks great with that costume. She looks like she has not been gone with divorce.

  4. I can say that this is really fascinating to see and I had enjoyable watching above this things. Halloween is genuinely great. Genuinely Girl gaga costume rocksā€¦Thanks for sharing this.

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