Family Portrait for the Cards

I really want to try those personalized holiday cards for this year. But my problem is, how am I going to get a good family portrait to put in the card. This past three years, I’ve been trying to take a perfect family photo but to no avail because the kids won’t pay attention. It’s hard to keep the kids to stay still and face at the camera. I have to think when to have a family picturial so I can upload it and start ordering for cards online. Time flies by so quick and before we know it, December is here. Order your card, calendar and other holiday mommentous as early as now.

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  1. I was surprised man gani sa mall tsang… Xmas na ang theme… whoot.. wa pa gani human ang Halloween. Excitd na ang mga retailers to sell their products kay hina man subong ang sales this year due to economic crisis.

  2. pag tripod tsang…dba naa man remote imo cam? mao na amo gamit usahay…no need na mag gamit ug timer, remote nalang para dali ra…:)

    nanaod naka ug xmas decors bayot?

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