Ready for Fall

Summer will soon bid goodbye, school is here and the weather is already changing. The summer breeze and heat has been slowly replaced by the cool fall wind. Having said that, I guess all these summer outfits will go back to the closet and out comes the fall and soon, the winter attires. The sweaters, jackets, gloves, ear puffs and other stuff will soon be used.

As I was checking out our closet, I noticed the Plus Size Sweaters that I have kept. I used them when I was still a bit heavy after my two pregnancies. But now that I have lost some excess baggage, I can no longer use them. I am planning of sending them to some of my plus size friends back in my home country. Am sure that they will love these comfy and pretty sweaters. I am quite sure too that they can use these sweaters during the “ber” months since it is quite cold at those times. These could be my early Christmas gift for my friends. I would also not want to hold a garage sale since I don’t have anybody to help me sort out so many things here in the house. Besides, fall is not the perfect time to have garage sales. So Fall, bring it on!

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