Girls Talk White

Time for Girls Talk girlfriends. White is the topic for this week chika. I just noticed that my kids don’t have much Whites in their closet.

As I as browsing for picture to match this week theme, the Angel for the Christmas tree catches my attention. This is a reminder to start rummaging soon our Christmas decors. I knows it is still three months away but I need to separate those decorations that I can still use this year and throw some of it in the trash especially the broken ones.

This is the reason why I don’t buy my children white clothing. They love dirt you know. This white dress she was wearing in this photo was a hand me downs. Dirt and mango stains were all over her dress.

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  1. That’s part of childhood dear. They tend to love when thing are messy. I enjoyed it before and got scolded many times. hehehehe

  2. Pagkalami sa ngisi ni Justine! Makangisi pud ko ug apil! Lol. Prettiness kaayo man. Mag-Pasko na jud diay mo diha She? Di na mapugngan? Lol.

    Salamat sa bisita sa akong GT share. Duh oi, akong netbook di man to pang-blogging kay gamatoy man kaayo to mga letra, ang buta di makabasa. Desktop jud tawon akong blogging partner. Gipalit lang to ni banana akong netbook kay ako gigamit for schooling last year. sobra na to isa ka tuig baya, lami baonon sa biyahe kay portable kaayo. Pero diri ra sa balay, naa sa kanto nagpa-hipi. LOL.

  3. sos, pagka cute man kau ning kulot nga kikay woi…ehehe!

    korek ka jud tsang…bisan man si Akesh tsang wala man sya kau white shirts…tawon, d man ko gapa nguso…wahehehe…labi naa mantsa…agoy…kapoy koskos…lol!

  4. What a cutie little girl… I love to wear white.. But Mirage is so correct, it’s not a good idea with outdoor games and eating mangoes.. I love mangoes.. Yummy!

  5. i so want to buy that kind of white angel to put on top of our christmas tree…sana makapalit.hehe ug ang imong kulot nga inday, pagkacute….i know kaya nimo maglaba ug magtanggal ug mantsa…late visit sis…:-)

  6. adorable! when kids smile at you like that it seems like no stain in the world matters. well, at least until laundry day, when you’re actually faced with the task of removing them. LOL!

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