Girls Talk – Lucky Pink

It is still Thursday 4:10 PM in my part of the world and the Girls Talk is still on. I have missed so many weeks playing this meme so i think it’s time to play again. Color is the theme for this month of September and Pink is the topic to talk about this week.

Here’s a pink babies of my baby babies collection. Before she used to name her baby stuff animal as baby and did not care about dolls and baby.

Another lucky pink that I have here right now is the pink mug from Sheriff. Well, being part of the top paid to blog post is lucky enough for me. I bought this mug as remembrance of my blogging journey and giving the love back to the company that have been giving us good assignment.

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  1. Cuties jud kaayo ang mga pink stuff ni Justine! Akong Triz wala juy mga dolls, Talawan kaayo ug dolls, gusto daw niya real baby jud. Nyay! Nice man diay ang mug no? Mo-order ra ako soon. 🙂 Pampabilar ug samot ba. Hahaha.

    I got LOTSA PINKS shared She, basin naa ka lugar diha, ganahan ka lili. 🙂

  2. the dolls are so cute…. my daughter used to have a doll with stroller too, unfortunately the stroller was nowhere to be found in the house. hehe

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