Vote for My Dream

Please vote for my dream for a chance at the $10,000 Dream Wall Sweepstakes. Thank you

It was not my intention to enter this dream Sweeptakes by Upromise. But as per requirement in the paid opps that I wrote to submit a dream story so i submitted mine and they approved it. Now, I don’t usually go around and ask friends and people to vote but I am taking my chances in here. Dearest friends and visitors, please like my entry and vote for my dream. Just click the link above. Thank you very much.

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  1. labay ko dire bayot…sensya karon lang sad naka visit…waaaaaaaa…..hhehehe….OT ko kadali kay sau ko nanlaba…hahahah!

  2. No one can ever stop dreaming unless you have a vision push through it. Have faith in God and dedication to your dream. Gudluck

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