Fashion Ring

I love wearing ring in my forefinger. Most of the ring i wore before were belt and snake but someone took interest on it so I gave it away. I even went to a ring maker and bought a made to order silver ring with belt design. One of them got broken. When I came here i saw a big ring at the bargain store. I stopped using is because the ring faded away. When I saw this big and trendy fashion ring worn by celebrated I instantly fall in love. I cannot afford the ones that most celebrity are wearing but would love to have one even if it’s not high quality. For the sake of fashion and trends only. So, when we went to the mall one afternoon, we stopped by at Aldo shoe boutique. I saw the sales clerk wearing that big eye looking turquoise. I saw the price and it was only less than 10 bucks. Too bad none of the display fit on my fat finger. So, I found this red rose fashion right. What a coincidence because it matches my dress I was wearing that day. I bought a couple though but I’ll share the other design next time. Will thinking of going back to that store and buy some more.

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