Toshiba Laptop

Last year when our computer got infected by the virus that our anti virus had spread i decided to buy a laptop using my blogging money that I saved. I got a good deal on it and thanks to my friends who shopped this laptop for me since I did not have computer to use at that time. I read reviews online that toshiba laptop computers are really good. They are very affordable and usually last a long period of time. Right now, it’s my husband using this laptop. He doesn’t want me to use it for blogging. He bought a desktop computer for me and switched the laptop with him. Like I said my other blog, I am not so comfortable with laptop when I am blogging. I still want to buy another laptop for my self. I need to do some serious saving so I can buy one as soon as possible.


  1. hhehehe…serious saving man jud…ako tsang, wapa napuno akong garapon sa sinsilyo man…saon ba woi…d man ko kabalo magtigom…gasto man ako huna-huna permi…lol!

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