Designer Sunglasses

I forgot to take picture of the designer sunglasses that my sister gave to me last month. The brand is not prada sunglasses but it is as popular as prada. I’m not into sunglasses actually because I am kind of insecure with my nose. However, if my sister will give me a designer item I would not hesitate to accept it. She gave me two sunglasses already and one of them was Oakley.

Speaking of Oakley sunglasses, I blogged before that my older brother have asked for this brand of sunglasses. He wants the latest kind and design of the sunglasses that cost expensive. I saw one online that is cheaper but the problem I do not have enough cash to buy it. My brother doesn’t ask favor that much and I feel bad to say no to him so I am trying to save money right now for that sunglasses. I understand how a brand and quality if the item affect our personality. It boost our self confidence though if we wear cool item. So, if you plan of going to the beach this summer, a designer sunglasses would be a good addition to your hot get up.

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