Sports Fun Activity

School just started in the Philippines. Most of my friends and former co teacher are not happy about it because it means their vacation is over and back to work again. I was checking some of their latest pictures posted at Facebook and they said they have over 50 students this year. I am glad that I am done with that life now but to be honest I really miss my old job. I miss talking in front of over 50 kids, and i miss all the fun in teaching. I miss those times when we have school activity like intramural, sports fest, district and division meet and the excitement during the closing program when trophies and awards are giving out to those who deserved to win. This morning when I checked my facebook, I saw latest pictures of my former co-teachers during their sports fun activity. They had parade and lots of activities like dancing, exercise and more. Am glad there is Facebook that connects me to my friends back home and some of my former students.

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