Pressured with the favor

Couple of weeks ago I chatted with my older brother over Facebook. We seldom chat and that day was the second time we talked. He asked me a favor which made me feel guilty to say no to him. Meanwhile, a week before we had that talk, my sister called me up and told me that my brother had requested her to buy him this expensive brand of eyeglasses that cost like almost $300. It was the same sunglasses he asked me as favor. I checked at different store online hoping I could find a cheaper price but no to avail. I was thinking, why it had to be that expensive where he can buy discount maui jim sunglasses for very good price. I tried to save for that sunglasses but something more important came up. My brother’s girlfriend had an early labor and they needed big amount of money for the hospital. The sunglasses had to wait I told my older brother about that and instead i sent the money to my younger brother to help out with the expenses. That sunglasses really put too much pressured on my savings and budget.

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  1. I guess you did the right decision tsang. ang sunglasses maka wait ra na sia.. mayo sad kay but-an jud ka na sister for helping your siblings financially. keep it up.

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