Inquiring and Favor

It was 2008 when my sister first visited me here in Pittsburgh. Since during that time we still live up in squirrel hill, it was the upper town of Pittsburgh and there are lots of stores. Most of the stores and shop in that street are sort of expensive. I think the kind of neighborhood affects the cost of living in the area. Most people live in that area has money so, some of the stores, restaurant and shops are a bit high price. Anyway, there was a shop of cigar along the street so my sister and I decided to make an inquiry if they have humidors. Indeed my sister able to buy one for her husband.

Couple of days ago she called me if I can go to that store to check if they still have that kind of humidors she bought. The place is like a mile away from where we live and I don’t drive. I could walk going there but I am too busy and aside from that I have two kids to watch too. I decline her favors as I am not certain if the store still operating some business. With the economic crisis, there are so many stores and shop right now that is not doing good business. I’ll take a look if I get the chance to go uptown.

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