GT: Most Memorable High School Moment

Girls Talk once again and the last topic to gossip about before the month of June ends would be the happiest, memorable and fun memories in high school. The 4th Year High School was the most memorable moments of my entire high school life. To escape from CAT, my friends and I decided to joined the Libona Drum and Bugle Corps. Some of my friends were Baton twirlers and some including yours truly chose to be the lyrist.

The fun part of being a member of this group is we don’t need to participate the afternoon exercises and activity of CAT and we get to go places as well. There were times we compete with other district and school and that was the best experiences for us. We got to see other places in Libona, Bukidnon and meet people.

Every time there is school activity like intramurals, foundation day and alike, the drum and bugle was always the main attraction. To bad i haven’t discovered then that I had nice legs i would have been a baton twirlers hehehe just kidding yo. I was a tomboyish back then and a half bully. But i had a crush with the trainer though. Actually, most of the girls in the group had a crush on him and always flirting. Well, girls usually start flirting on high school and that what makes high school life more exciting.

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  1. ayay! ka active mo man diay tsang…apil man diay ka sa banda…ako pod sa highschool…wara wara pod ko sa drum and bugle corp…lol!

  2. that was so nice.. i wish i was able to join something like that, i mean.. the band or something. it would have been so cool to perform before a crowd, lol!

    MY ENTRY is here!

  3. the Drum and Bugle Corps sure beats the CAT. if i had *any* talent at all in any of those instruments, i would have joined, but sadly, i am stripped of all artistic abilities when it comes to music, dancing and singing. niahaha!

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