Girls Talk – Math as Most Hated Subject

Last week favorite subject was the topic of the chismis over at Girls Talk and not the opposite of favorite which is the hate. Obviously, the equation below shows how much I hate Math.

I snagged this equation image at my husband's file. Would you agree on this proof? I don't think so...

They say Math is the easiest subject because it only dealt with numbers 1-10. Yeah, it supposed to be easy but why my teachers back in grade school, high school and college made it so difficult for me to comprehend.

Do you know that the lowest grade I have in my transcript of records was the Math subject. If it was just the four basic operation of math that would be alright i still have a room in my head to at least understand the 1+1. But when it comes to algebra, trigonometry, and other math subject i totally suck at it.

My husband is a Math professor. One time he had me sat in to one of his calculus and statistic class. He gave me a paper and pen so I can pretend to be like a student. I did not understand any of those alien words I heard. After the class he checked my paper to see if I take notes but all he saw was a drawing of a tree and other stuff. I hate math before, I hate math today and will always hate math tomorrow and in the future hehehe.

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  1. wow. hubs is a math professor? i’d think he’d have rubbed some of that love of math on you, but apparently, waley. haha! okay lang yun. we all get by with the basics of math in our lives naman e 🙂

  2. that’s a nifty statement on the picture, but I dont believe girls are evil hahaha. Without a woman behind him, a man’s life is rather jejune. Don’t you think so?

  3. hahhaha…muot man ko aning imong conclusion tsang….hay buhay….I hate math ever since I can remember…except lang sa!

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