Pimple Problem

Are you having problem with pimple? When I was single i used to hear compliments from my fellow former co-teacher and friends about my face. Well, i never had big zit or pimples when I was growing up. Occasionally, I get one or two zit in my forehead but this spot only comes out whenever I am having my period. My co-teacher was curious if I am using a brand that would help how to get rid of pimples. Some of my co-teacher are retirable and and they have adults or teenagers already. They said they need some kind of cream for their kids in dealing with pimples and acne. It was hard I would say, especially for teenagers where they’re in the age of impressing their crush, putting some make up on and more just to get the attention of the opposite sex. Moreover, when I first pregnant with my first born, I’ve seen worse pimples in my face. They were not acne which I home Jake won’t get curious about it.

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