Long lasting energy

Camera is a very important gadget that captures wonderful memories. There is more to it than just gadget and technology. What type of battery do you used in your camera? How long the energy lasted?

When my I bought my first camera courtesy of MIL, we used the batteries that came with it. The battery only lasted a few minutes and it was a waste of money buying batteries all the time. So, I decided to look for rechargeable batteries and charger to have a long lasting energy when using my camera. Until now I am still using the rechargeable batteries and charger even if i already have a new ones that came with the camera and accessories that I bought from my friend. I actually got a good deal with it for the price that is very reasonable.

I haven’t use this camera that much because it was heavy but i love it though. It would be perfect for nature tripping. I also wish to have a Digital SLR camera as it has many features than this fuji fine pix.

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