Happy Memorial Day

Today is US Memorial Day which fall on the last Monday of May. It is a holiday so it means no work. Memorial Day commemorates our brave Americans who served the U.S. and died while in the military service. A salute to all the brave Americans. Another holiday which is soon to be celebrate is the 4th of July, The Independence Day. Perhaps, some you have received July 4th Invitations from your friends and family. You can watch the parade, fireworks and hang out with family and friends with BBQ and beer to celebrate the said holiday. Just don’t forget to give respect and honor to all our American heroes who sacrifice their lives for the freedom of our country. But for now, allow me to greet all of you and your family a happy Memorial day.

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  1. musta ang inyong 3-day weekend tsang? hope all is well..sensya na karon lang naka landing bayot ha…mau pa dire da kay busy ang opps.

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