Do you know that there are some drugs or pill prescribed by your doctor that can be bad to your health? When your doctor issued a prescription to you, they know that it would help you relieve whatever unpleasant or pain you feel. In every prescription, the doctor also provide instruction how many times we need to take the pill everyday. But there are some people who are stubborn to follow what their doctor prescribed and eventually get addicted to the effect of the drugs. I remember one time when I was in pain and had some red things which I really do not know if it’s allergy of some sort. My husband was worried so he took me to his doctor and prescribed me with something sounded like percocet in the name. My husband said that i don’t have to take the pill if I feel some weird feeling. I took the pill anyway to see if it ease the paid and help get rid of the red spot. After one or two pill I stopped because I don’t like the effect to my body.

Anyway, some of you probably so familiar with drugs and pills that may give different effect and perhaps lead to drug addiction. People who become addicted with drugs have their personal problems that couldn’t deal with it and taking drugs can be the only refuge. Keep in mind folks that there is oxycodone percocet addiction detox that you can do to get rid of that drugs in your system. You just have to go to a rehab or ask help and medical advice so you will start with the treatment and detoxification. Life can be cruel but try to look on the brighter side of it. Appreciate your what you have and think of your family. Seek help now and get your back life on track. Good luck!

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  1. That’s exactly why my first choice are always natural foods and natural personal care products. And when I don’t feel my best, I choose teas and herbs.

  2. fact is all western meds are bad for the health becasue it does not target only the specific ailments but affects all parts… maayo pa natural jud.. salamat sa laag shy.

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