Body Ache

My husband laugh at me every time I say silly things like I am getting older and weaker. He thought I was referring to him when I utter the word old, he missed listening the part where I address the subject as “I”. Seriously, my body is totally different from my body when I was a little younger. It’s not that I want or need myonox that would help my mind focus, muscle growth, and heightened energy. Yes, I do need more energy or perhaps a supplement that provide good vitamins and energy. There are so many things that I can do before but find it hard to do it today. I can’t even stay longer hours standing without hurting my back. I’ve been feeling lots of body ache lately plus I’m having less sleep because of blogging and FBing. I might gonna check online for energy drink or supplement that I could take to regain my energy back and handle more work out and walking.

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