Girls Talk – Gadget to Die for

I have tons of Gadgets in mind that I’m dying to buy and have it in my hand but Mr. Money is always there to ruin my desire. Almost everybody I think have owned Digital SLR Camera except me. Well, what can i do I’m a late bloomer. I want one of this but the thing is I might probably die not having this bad boy.

So, if some of you want to sponsor, I want this camera badly, i want an ipod, iphone, laptop, and ohh you can maybe include a case for the lappy too hehee. These stuffs are probably outdated already but I still want it. These are the gadgets I am dying to have but Mr. Money is not so cooperative.

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  1. I was not into DSLR also before. It was out of the budget kasi. Aside from that, I’m not a pro – but then, girls will always be girls, hehehe! Hubby gave me my first DSLR for my 28th birthday, yipee! Goodluck! Canon is a good brand. But if I were you, choose nalang Nikon. Canon kasi parang you’re paying additional because of the famous brand. Nikon will do for starters + same quality naman.

    Mine’s up for this week’s GT here.

  2. Sis, try mo sa mga photography sites, they sometimes give away dslrs, provided sponsored ng nikon or canon yung website πŸ™‚ Blog blog blog and you can have that too πŸ˜‰

  3. murag ang akong ma afford sa imong listahan tsang, ang laptop case ra jud…ehehehhe…lol! na woi, kapuyan nako ug blogging bya….wala naman jud kau opps…nya ang tapols dayon sige ug tukar…lol! mao sige ko ka absent ug blog hop…lol!

  4. same to you diay ta Tsang.. hahaha.. pwede zipper lang ako isponsor… heheheh… di pud ko ka afford.. pero mas barato man mu diha kaysa diri sa pinas tawon oi.

  5. visiting for GT! hope you’ll have that DSLR soon! i’m sure you’ll post more lovely family pictures. followed you. thank’s for your visit as well.

  6. hi there. πŸ™‚ thanks for dropping by at my blog. I followed you back through google.

    I think this is the craze around people especially in GT bloggers. πŸ˜€ if it isn’t camera, it’s ipad. hehe.

    hope you’ll get yours soon.

    have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

  7. hahha..girls will be girls and girls want it all! Korek! if only money isn’t an issue, naku, shopping galore ang beauty. teka, why ka into Canon and not Nikon? Eto kasing dalawa ang magkakompetensya when it comes to dslr eh.

  8. Thanks for dropping by. Great choice of camera. Canon and Nikon are both very good brands in the DSLR category. Hope Mr. Money cooperates soon.

    Happy GT!

  9. I was thinking about getting the Nikon D3000 , but now i want a canon because it takes more clear pictures. Any suggestions for a canon camera that isn’t so HIGH TECH & all fancy on the menu & buttons. Something easy to understand & handel , & for someone thats starting photography. Thanks

  10. LOL! i don’t have a DSLR too, so we’re on the same boat ^^

    but due to insistent public demand (namely, ako. niahaha!), i am saving up for one right now. have you bought one yet? i am sooo darn late in visiting your posts πŸ™

  11. followed you. even my 16-year old daughter has her eyes on it, lol! na woi, kapuyan nako ug blogging bya….wala naman jud kau opps…nya ang tapols dayon sige ug tukar…lol!

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