Looking Good with Leader Jacket

I’ve always wanting to buy a leather jacket ever since but i was a little worried that it might not suit on me. Couple of years ago, I saw a leather jacket on sale. The better half was very nice to buy me one for $49 because it was on sale. That leather jacket is in the closet, brand new with tag. In other words I never wear it because I look horrible. I like fashion but I do not have the guts to bring out the creativity and stylish side of me. Then, last December my sister bought a nice designer leather jacket for $50 but the original price was $250+. I trust my sister’s fashion sense although it’s his husband who used to buy designer clothing on him. She showed few pictures and I sort of like it so I bought it.

This is it, the leather jacket I bought from my sister. I love it and I think I look good with it, don’t you think? I am very picky when it comes to clothing. I look on comfort and brand rather than style or fashion. Leather jacket always in when it comes to trend.

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  1. Abaw ka-kiat sang mother hahaha.. but I love it tsang.. it looks good on you.. I like it bec it looks like a semi-trench coat.. whoot.. puede na parada sa mall.

  2. Nice jacket! Bagay!

    Thanks for commenting on my newly transfered blog. Here to get your link so I can link you up. Thanks!

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