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Attending a wedding is sometimes a little nerve-racking. It’s not just about thinking of what to wear, and deciding if you are overdressed or under dressed, but if you are properly accessorized.

It is during these occasions that I almost always decide to go simple with my accessories. I usually just wear a simple chain, whether it gold or silver and pair it with a semi-elaborate pendant like some of the bahai pendants aquamarine I’ve seen online. Sometimes it is better to have the pendant make a statement than the outfit. After all, in a big gathering such as weddings, people usually notice the littlest things about the accessories and jewelries around them.

Take for example the bride’s wedding ring. As soon they go around to socialize with the guests, everyone focuses on that ring. Luckily, everyone will also say it is really pretty. Sometimes it makes me think I want another one (I’m already married). This time, a .40 micro pave platinum anniversary band will do. I hope my husband can pamper and splurge on that for our anniversary this year.

Another thing I’d love to be pampered with, right after attending a wedding, is a relaxing foot massage. It would be perfect to have a shiatsu elite footmassager fms 200h at home. After hours of walking on those stilettos, especially on very rough flooring, a foot massage is definitely a perfect way to end the day.

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  1. I really don’t know what accessory would fit in a certain occasion. Hehehe that sometimes I end up not to wear them at all visiting through TBE

  2. I guess getting overdress for an occasion like wedding is better than underdress. Wedding is a once in a lifetime thing and by dressing your best goes to show the respect you have for the bride and groom. A watch, a pair of earings, and a necklace are good enough I feel.

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