Costly Hairstyle

What do you think of my new header logo peepz? Thanks to the Celebrity Updates for that. I also added a lips sticker to match the theme.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s signature style?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images|Steve Granitz/

Justin Bieber’s hair cut that cost a whooping $750! It’s like a half a hundred times fold than the cost of regular Supercut or other parlor for hair cut. The new hair do is better than his old signature hair look. He is a celebrity so he should maintain his good look. Well, if you spend that big amount for just a hair, it better be good. Read the full story and Vote for his hair OMG.Yahoo!

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  1. agoy pagka gwafa man kau sa iyang logo kay naa lips…ehehehhe…nice kau sya tsang…..salamat sa plugins tsang ha…mwah!

    lili lang ko dire kadali kay watch sa me ug movie….:)ugma nako blog hop!

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